Ireland recruits Ukrainian drivers

Ireland, thanks to a measure issued by the Ministers of Transport and State that facilitates the recruitment of drivers from Ukraine, has overcome the obstacle that exists in the rest of the European community for which drivers of industrial vehicles from non-EU countries, even if they have a higher license recognized in a Community country, must still obtain the Driver Qualification Card within the European Union in order to work.

The Act allows holders of Ukrainian higher education licences to enter Ireland to take 35-hour courses to obtain the CQC, thanks to the institution of international protection, in order to then be employed by Irish transport companies. But not only that, because the CQC is recognized throughout the European Union. The aim of the rule is to combat the shortage of drivers, which also affects Ireland. As early as July 2022, refugees from Ukraine can drive in Ireland and can drive with a valid Ukrainian license, without having to exchange it for an Irish license or take a driving test.