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EUROLOGISCO Srl, international shipping company founded by the will of a young and dynamic entrepreneurs with considerable experience in the transport sector that have accepted the challenge to compete in a highly competitive and complex market where the high quality of services is fundamental.
The Company is recognized today for its professionalism, flexibility, availability and the ability to always be on the side of its customers responding very quickly to all the requirements.
Significant are our truck services to and from all of Europe, including Russia, and sea and air services are developed throughout the world, through a network of exclusive agents who help us ensuring the smooth running of the work.
We also offer express delivery dedicated services, assistance, customs and insurance advice in addition to logistics and warehousing service.

EUROLOGISCO Srl, a real partner rather than just a supplier!


1 January 2021

Traffic Brohibitions for 2021 in Italy

3 June 2020

Breaking News about COVID-19

We inform our customers that in Italy lockdown has officially ended and since Wednesday, June 3.

10 April 2020

Breaking News about COVID-19

On 10 April 2020 the stop of all productive and industrial activities except those identified as essential has been extended until May 4.

1 January 2020

Traffic Brohibitions for 2020 in Italy

January 9, 2019

Traffic prohibitions in Austria

Tyrol temporarily lengthens driving ban for trucks during weekend...

January 2, 2019

Traffic prohibitions in Italy 2019

Tyrol temporarily lengthens driving ban for trucks during weekend...

January 1, 2018

Traffic prohibitions in Italy 2018

January 1, 2017

Traffic prohibitions 2017

Minister of Infrastructure and Transport has signed the decree setting the schedule of traffic prohibitions for heavy vehicles in 2017

July 2016

Eurologisco sponsor of Sostrators

Eurologisco is one ot the partners that supports and sponsors....

July 2016

Special Projects

Special projects oversize cargo...