Closure of the Mont Blanc Tunnel

The Tmb-Geie company, which manages the Mont Blanc road tunnel, has announced the total closure of the tunnel to traffic from 4 September to 18 December 2023.

This first construction site will make it possible to understand how to carry out "deep rehabilitation works on the structure, with important civil engineering interventions on the deck on which the road surface rests and on the vault".

The 2023 construction site will reach a length of 600 meters to renovate the vault in two sections of the tunnel. The company underlines that "the realization of these works will involve the dismantling of all the safety systems present on the vault - the accelerators for the control of the longitudinal air current, the video cameras and the automatic detection of events, the thermometric cable, etc. – systems on which the safety device is based.

It is not possible to disassemble them every evening and reassemble them every morning, hence the decision to completely block traffic.

In the spring of 2024, the second phase of the works will begin, another 640 meters of the vault. This second phase will be dedicated to a new waterproofing, because the main cause of deterioration of the structure is linked to water infiltration.